Relocating to the UK is the beginning of a new phase. It is a daunting adventure full of excitement mixed with feelings of uncertainty.

I have relocated twice once in Africa and this time in the UK. Both times have been successful as I have enjoyed and learnt a number of things that would not have been possible if I have not left my country of origin. We gain different perspectives on life, on ourselves and on relationships.

Settling in a new country requires courage, determination, flexibility and pragmatism. I am here to provide you with:

  1. Cross Cultural Coaching and Training: building your emotional and mental resilience and resourcefulness
  2. Home Finding: Helping you to find your new home
  3. Doing Business in the UK : Tips and advice as to how to do business in the UK

Using my insights of a Mauritian, I help expats going to live and work in Mauritius. I have spent an amount of time travelling to Madagascar and provides Malagasy cross cultural training. Likewise, I have lived and worked in Tanzania as an expat. I am also available to train and coach expats based in Tanzania. I hope to have the opportunity of working with you so that your country of adoption becomes a place where the heart is and where you will go upwards and onwards!