What Influences Your Choices?

Some will rely on their guts instincts, others will review the facts and there will be a few of you who will use both your guts and factual information. It is important to understand that “chemistry” or synergies are critical for your life choices to fit with your personality. Making conflicting choices such as looking to relocate and hoping that you will continue on your lifestyle as you are used to will lead to utter frustration, a sense of despair and the impact of the cultural shock will be even greater.

Relocating to a new country implies that there is a learning curve to go through and an opportunity cost to accept as the price of creating a new “home”. You will be having mixed feelings as you go through the learning curve period and with new knowledge come confusion. What will guide you is your Inner Purpose – your sense of direction and set of core values.

Everybody has values – integrity, flexibility, consistency etc. There are values that are non negotiable: those are the ones that no matter what happens in your life, you won’t compromise on any of them. Integrity is one good example. Your core values are your compass in confusing times and they give you a sense of direction when you are facing pressures which question your judgement or your sense of worth.

Your Inner Purpose is the foundation of your life choices which will have a major impact on most areas of your life. How do you know whether you have a strong inner purpose or not? Review your past life choices when you had to make transformational changes. What motivated you in those times? What is your decision making style and how do you come to make up your mind?

When your Inner Purpose is strong, you have clarity and focus. Both are important when you move to the next phase of your career and with a strong sense of direction, challenges are easier to manage. You can’t avoid challenges and you can’t avoid making mistakes. This is how we all grow as professionals and as an individual. What you are looking for is a compass that will guide you in your choices. This is your Inner Purpose.

Do you know how strong your Inner Purpose is? Have you had time to define it and build it over time? To know your sense of direction, you can probably review your life choices, go and see a coach to discuss it or take a psychometric test that involves measuring the strength of your inner purpose. In the International Profiler (TIP), your personal autonomy is assessed and includes your inner purpose.

I am a licensee of the International Profiler and if you want to have your personal review, I am happy to chat with you.

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I work with business owners to help them reinforce their business sustainability . I coach and train professionals working in an international environment or being part of a multinational team.

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