I am running my business and have helped to set up a few businesses in my career. I have lived and worked as an expat. I have changed career a few times and am now living in the UK. I have gone through various transitions and understand the implications of new beginnings.

I have experienced, first hand, culture shock, made new friends and changed my lifestyle without compromising who I am. I have set up these services as a means to help others going through the same phase so that they are fully supported during this new phase of their lives.

If you want to know more about me, please see my linkedin profile.

I have been working as a cross cultural trainer and coach for the past three years. I am a member of SIETAR UK, International Coaching Federation (ICF) and am licensed to train on The International Profiler. I have worked with a number of people of various nationalities working for Unilever, Statoil, BG Group and other well known companies.