Relocating to a new country is an adventure:

  1. New experiences awaiting you
  2. New people to make friends with
  3. New ways of lifestyle
  4. New taste of food, cultural exposure

As much as it can be a unique experience, relocation can also be:

  1. Pushing beyond your comfort zone: familiar cues, personal expectations can be challenged
  2. Daunting as there is so much to learn and to assimilate
  3. The wrong choice if not well thought through or not well planned

Cross cultural training and coaching:

  1. Helps to be better prepared to manage the unknown and unexpected
  2. It gives you the opportunity of increasing your range of options
  3. Provides you with an understanding of what to expect in your new home
  4. Gives you tips as to making your life in the UK the most enjoyable
  5. Supports you emotionally and mentally as you move through a period of transition