I have lived and worked in Tanzania as an expat for a Pan African Trust. When I first landed in Tanzania, I had no friends and family to welcome me. I learnt KiSwahili and over time, learnt to appreciate Tanzanian values and things that I took for granted at home. I met some great people willing to share their life experiences and have acquired more insights about the great continent.I am now sharing my insights through my training and am coaching other expats to learn to flex their behaviours and mindset so as to make the most of their stay in Tanzania.


I am a business owner and understand the UK business landscape having gone through starting new businesses and growing them.

I can coach you to identify the right type of business to match your set of skills – a business that would allow you to enjoy working and earn your living comfortably.

I can also provide you with business support and other services such as website design, logo design so that you can operate your business fully equipped.


I was born and raised on the island. Mauritius has a unique identity – being populated by descendants of immigrants from China, India and descendants of the African slaves and European colonials. The native language, Creole is a mix of broken English, French and a few words “borrowed” from the Hindi and Hakka languages.  The Mauritian cultural norms are as diverse as its cultural origin. From an observer point of view, the Mauritians look quite westernised as well as practice their cultural heritage. However, as many expats would tell you, things are not as straightforward as one imagine.


The island is next to Mauritius where I was born and grew up as a young adult. I have been to Madagascar a number of times for work.  Using my cross cultural knowledge, I helped expats to get a better understanding of the Malagasy values and way of life.  I provide them with local knowledge as well so that they are better equipped in dealing with culture shock and make the most of their stay on the island.