United Kingdom

When I first came to the UK, it was difficult for me to get into the property market. As a newcomer, I had no track record in terms of my financial solvency. I did some training in property so as to understand the intricacies of the UK market. I am continuing  to build my knowledge and am expanding my network of property professionals.  Whether it is renting or buying a home,  it is important to know what you are committing to.I aim to simplify things so that it makes it easy for you to understand and make the best choice

Upon your arrival, you may want a temporary place to live which is a fully equipped home.  I can make the necessary arrangements for you and your family to stay in a serviced accommodation whilst we help you look for your home.

I can help you with:

  1. Tenancy negotiations if you choose to rent
  2. Buying Your new home


Tanzania, Dar Es Salaam

During my expat days in Dar Es Salaam, I have worked with Josephine Makanza at the Investment Climate Facility for Africa. She is now the Managing Partner of a boutique corporate law firm, Makanza Legal Services. Josephine is very knowledgeable about the local business environment and community having worked at senior level for companies like KPMG and Vodacom Tanzania Limited (Telecommunications).

She is also able to provide general information on settling in as an individual or family in Dar es Salaam. As a property investor and with a major Real Estate and Property Development company on her client portfolio, she has access to a network of reliable estate agents and can help with advice on business partners and documentation like lease agreements. She also offers corporate law services: corporate, commercial, notarial and documentation. These services include setting up a business in Tanzania, contracts (e.g. commercial, corporate, employment), due diligence, company secretarial services etc.