Hello, Welcome to my blog.

I am running a consultancy business. As a business consultant, I carry out ESG analysis for investment companies as well as businesses. I firmly believe in businesses having an important role to play for a sustainable economic development alongside other actors such as civil society, Foundations, state owned enterprises. As part of my consulting work, I assess impact investments and help to manage them as well, building on my previous corporate experience.

I have had a diverse work experience having worked for a private equity house and for an impact investment African fund for most of my corporate career. I have had the opportunity of being an entrepreneur myself. Building on these past work experiences, I have worked with a Founder to help set up and implement his succession plan. I have worked with teams to help them map out their career plans individually and help them enhance their team building soft skills. I believe businesses is about people and when you look after your team, you are ensuring a better future for your business.

I blog occasionally when I believe that my thoughts are worth sharing to the “outside world”. I am an avid reader and always curious about the inner workings of the world be it social, economical and cultural. I hope you will be able to understand my point of view and am happy if I am able to trigger your interest in any of the subjects I have written.

If you want to know more about me, please see my linkedin profile.